My mom and I picked up this vintage headboard, foot board and side rails at an estate sale in Long Beach. It was in pretty rough shape when we spotted it, but that didn’t scare us. We hauled it to our workshop and got busy right away. The first thing we did was scrub all the filth off of it. Then we sanded it a bunch with 220 grit sandpaper. Next we primed it and painted it a pretty cream color. Then we got totally side tracked, as usual, and the bed sat in the back of our workshop temporarily forgotten.

Recently we decided to get back to it. We used 100 grit sand paper to distress the edges and carved details. Then we used a clear mixing glaze and mixed in a dash of black paint to create an antique aged look. Using a damp cloth we applied our mixture to the entire bed, paying special attention to the recessed areas. After we finished we had a brilliant idea, “lets add fabric!!” Projects always seem to evolve as we go.

We had some black linen left over from another upholstery job and thought it would be perfect. We removed the back, added foam, batting and then the black linen. We created three covered buttons and pulled them through the holes we had pre-drilled in the panel. Once it was all finished we screwed the panel back into the head board and stepped back to admire our work. Here it is:




This bed is available for purchase in our store front. It is a full size and includes the headboard, foot board and side rails. Made of solid hardwood and up-scaled by mom and I. The asking price $350.


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