Our custom slipcovers are tailored to fit your furniture perfectly. We can create slipcovers for footstools, overstuffed chairs, dining chairs and even sectional sofas.

Fabric Selection: We carry a full line of upholstery grade fabrics from a company called Carole Fabrics. You are also welcome to bring your own fabric.

House calls: We can come to your home to do what we call a pin up. We will create an exact pattern in your home and then return to our shop to sew the slipcover(s) for you. We can also bring fabric samples with us and help you select a fabric.

Are you out of the area??: That’s not a problem. If you have an existing slipcover you can mail it to us and we can use it as a pattern.

Pricing: Please email for a quote

Some samples of our work:


8 Responses to Slipcovers

  1. Liz says:

    I have an oversized reading chair that has been well loved! I live in MI though so am not sure how it would work for you to make a slipcover. It is 46″ from arm to arm with a box cushion. It has a 38″ ottoman too.

  2. Deana says:

    Hi Liz, I need the furniture to be in my presence in order to get a perfect, tailored fit. Does the chair happen to have a slipcover on it currently? If so, you could mail that to me and I could use it as a pattern. Email is a better way to get a quick response from me

  3. Debra O'Conner says:

    I am interested in your making a fitted slipcover for a IKEA Tullsta armchair. I would prefer that it velcros under the bottom the the chir rather than the drape look that is shown on the Ikea website with the extorp Tullsta cover. I can attach picture in a future email. Could you give me the amt of fabric needed and what you would charge?

  4. Deana says:

    Hi Debora, you can send me pictures and dimensions in an email for a more accurate quote, but our starting price for labor only is $150 to cover the body of a typical chair plus $50 per each removable cushion. Fabric is not included in that price. A chair with two cushions usually takes about 5 to 8 yards of fabric depending on the size and style.

  5. I contacted you via your etsy shop as well. I have two matching chaise lounges that belonged to my parents that need slipcovers. I live in Long Beach CA. Are you willing to travel a touch north of Orange County to see and measure the lounges?

  6. Deana says:

    Hi Shelly, I’m sorry for the delay. I haven’t checked the blog in a long time. We have traveled to Long Beach before, we would be happy to come to you. (I think my mom may have already talked to you?)

  7. Jayme says:

    Hello, I have a loveseat/settee that I would like to get a slipcover made but I live in Tennessee. If I send pictures/measurements, can you make it from that?

  8. Deana says:

    Hi Jayme, I’m sorry, but I need either the furniture in my presence or an existing cover. I’m not able to work from just measurements.