I love Mondays!! Tuesday through Friday my mom and I run the shop and if we are busy we are sewing and/or upholstering while answering phone calls and helping customers, but Saturdays and Mondays we spend the day at our workshop painting furniture and working on projects. We have fun pretty much everyday of the week. I mean, what’s better than doing something you love with your mom all day long? Plus my daughter comes to work with us everyday. It doesn’t get much better than that! But Monday, the whole family gets involved and we REALLY have fun!

Our workshop, as we like to call it, is actually my grandparents’ home. They have an awesome, huge garage in their backyard that is filled with power tools and heavy machinery. Back in the day my grandpa did construction and tons of wood working and my grandma did tole painting. Now my mom and I have taken over their garage and created a paint booth in the back of it. Their garage is where we do all of our furniture painting, repair and restoration.

Mondays are so much fun because my sister and her two boys usually show up, my dad always tags along with my mom, and sometimes my cousin and her two boys come over to hang out too. It’s usually a full house. My grandpa is typically cooking up something delicious for lunch and the little ones are running around having a blast. In between coats of paint there is tons of entertainment for my mom and I.

Here my nephew is helping me sweep out the paint booth.

Today I was working on painting this antique armoire. I’m really excited to get this one done. I think it’s going to be gorgeous. We are painting it a beautiful color called Black Fox by Sherwin Williams. Then we are going to add bronze highlights to some of the details. Today I was able to get two good coats of primer on it.

The dry time between coats is 4 hours. So, while I was waiting for the paint to dry I got my hair done. Did I mention my sister is a hair stylist and that my grandparents’ house also doubles as a salon? In between scrubbing and sanding furniture my mom had her hair cut and died as well. Even my baby Sienna got in on the beauty parlor action. She had her first hair cut today!

All in all it was a good Monday. Fun, productive and at a times a bit crazy. Just the way I like it.


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