This large and very ornate dresser was painted with Milk Paint. We used General Finishes Milk Paint in Linen. This is only the second time I have used milk paint and I love it!

I use a ton of acrylic paint, which is so much more difficult and time consuming, but creates a gorgeous durable finish. If I want something high gloss, modern and sleek nothing compares to acrylic paint, but sometimes a roughed up, aged look is what I want to achieve.

Because of the style of this dresser I decided Milk Paint would be a good option. All the fabulous details just really stand out with all the distressing. This paint is so easy to create an authentic looking, well loved and worn look.

You can find this dresser in our Etsy Store if you are interested in purchasing it.

dresser drawers

dresser linen milk paint

dresser painted milk paint

dresser milk paint


4 Responses to Milk paint dresser

  1. Hi Deana! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do! And I love that you’re using more milk paint! A few questions. Did you use the milk paint in your sprayer or hand apply? Also, do you prefer acrylic over enamel or lacquer and do you spray the acrylic as well? If so, what do you use to thin?
    Writing from Michigan and we’ve been huge fans of your work for a very long time now!
    Bloom. Restorations

  2. Deana says:

    Hi Shannon, I applied the milk paint with a brush. I like a lot of Sherwin Williams products, but the one I like and use the most is Solo. It is a 100% acrylic paint. I very rarely need to thin this product to spray it, but if I do I’ll add a tiny bit of water.

  3. Paula says:

    Hi. I’m trying to get this look on an old door I’m making into headboard but am finding when I use gel stain or tinted glaze over the white/ cream colored door, it doesn’t wipe off and turns it brown or stain color. I’m looking to keep it mostly white with distressed areas like you did in your picture. Need help! Thx!

  4. Deana says:

    Hi Paula, I are trying to use the stain or glaze over a flat paint or milk paint? Those types of paint are porous and will soak the stuff up. It is best if used over a satin or semi gloss paint. On this particular dresser I just sanded the paint really heavily to give it the distressed look, there is no stain or glaze on top. Hope that helps!