This dresser is a piece that my dad picked up at an estate sale. He recently retired, so now he goes out on the hunt for treasures while my mom and I run the shop. He did good on this one, my mom and I were impressed. It is a gorgeous highboy dresser constructed of genuine mahogany. The drawers are all solid wood construction including the guides. Each drawer is super clean and slides in and out very smoothly. The drawers also have dove tail joints, my dad knows what to look for when choosing a quality piece of furniture.

My mom and I painted this dresser with a shellac based primer. Shellac primer blocks stains incredibly well, which is important with mahogany because it bleeds like crazy. Then we painted it with Harmony, a Sherwin Williams paint in a soft white and a satin finish. The dresser, although in excellent condition, did have a few imperfections, so we distressed it to enhance the character of this antique beauty.

highboy close  up

highboy white dresser



2 Responses to Mahogany dresser

  1. Shannon Goodwin says:

    Hi Deana!
    This is gorgeous! Did you use the sprayer on this piece? I noticed you use a Husky gravity fed gun. I’m thinking of purchasing one but was warned against using latex-based paints in it. Do you recommend a non-latex based paint or do you thin out the latex paint before using?

  2. Deana says:

    Hi Shannon, I get this question really often. In the owners manual it suggests that latex paints shouldn’t be used with this gun, but I use them all of the time with no problems. I have found that when using high quality paints like, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore of Dunn Edwards painting with this gun is flawless, but does occasionally need to be thinned. Years ago I tried using Behr and Valspar paint and did have problems with splattering, especially when using deep base colors like black or brown.