The last several months have been crazy! My husband and I remolded our home and did a ton of the work ourselves. That explains why I have been totally MIA on this blog for so long. I have really neglected posting any new pictures or stories for way too long, but things have settled down now, so I should be updating this website more frequently. I’ll share some pics of our home soon, but for now I want to show off this awesome dresser my mom and I just painted.

This gorgeous french provincial dresser is such a nice piece of furniture. It was in excellent condition when it was dropped off to be custom painted. It is always nice working with such quality furniture, it makes the job of creating a perfect painted finish so easy. After scrubbing and lightly sanding this dresser it was ready for paint.

The client requested a two tone painted finish, so that made things a little tricky. I primed the entire dresser, including the drawers, with a white primer. Then I painted the dresser, without the drawers, a color called Feather Bed by Benjamin Moore.

After allowing the paint to dry for a week I then used blue painters tape and a ton of newspaper to mask off all of the areas I didn’t want to become hot pink. The floral detail and the rounded edge of the top were way to difficult to try to tape off, instead I used a small craft brush and carefully painted a heavy coat of furniture wax along those areas. The wax would reject the paint and preserve the white finish.

After painting the dresser and drawers with three coats of Peony, another color by Benjamin Moore, I removed the tape and buffed off the wax with a clean cloth. The wax worked well, but there where a few spots that the hot pink paint had managed to stick to. I lightly and very carefully sanded those areas and then touched them up with a small craft brush.

Here is how this dresser turned out. I really have to brag about this one. I think it looks so fantastic!!

hot pink and white painted furniture

hand painted pink and white

hot pink french provincial dresser

hot pink dresser


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