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My mom and I have been painting furniture for nearly a decade now. Over the years we have have painted hundreds of pieces of furniture for clients, for resale and for our own homes. In the process we have learned a lot. We can achieve many unique finishes. From super shinny, high gloss, including lacquer, to rustic, chippy and weathered. We can create whatever look you desire. We also dabble in some furniture re-finishing.

Products we recommend: We have a huge selection of Sherwin Williams color samples at our store. If you want help selecting the right color and type of paint for your project we are happy to help. Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore and Vista Paints are all high quality paints that we like to work with. You can bring your own paint or choose from our selection.

Our process: The process sometimes changes depending on the type of finish you want to achieve, but one thing never changes. We always thoroughly scrub all of the furniture we paint in order to remove dirt, grime, dust and other impurities from the surface that would prevent paint from adhering well. We also always thoroughly sand all of the furniture using a fine grit sandpaper. Sanding creates a tooth for the paint to stick to.

Getting a quote:If you are interested in having a piece of furniture painted please email me for a quote. For the most accurate quote please included dimensions, up close shots of any damage that needs repair, and a detailed description of the look you want to achieve. If you have inspiration photos those would be great too.

A few samples of our work:


19 Responses to Furniture Painting

  1. shelly says:

    I love you work! Do you ever spray a clear coat after glazing? Thanks

  2. Deana says:

    Thanks Shelly!! I have never done a clear coat over glazing, but I have sprayed a clear coat over a high gloss paint to add extra shine to it. Clear polyurethane sprays really easy and nicely.

  3. Laura Babcock says:

    Hi, I love your work.I have an Antique looking coffee table and I want to paint it beige color and use a ebony minwax color for the details and my question is, Do I need to sand it completely or only a light sand?

  4. Deana says:

    Thanks Laura! Before you paint the furniture you should clean it really well and then lightly sand it with 220 grit sandpaper. You don’t need to strip the old finish, just dull the surface and create a tooth for the paint to adhere to. Between coats sand with 320 grit to ensure a smooth finish, but don’t sand the final coat before adding your stain.

    I hope that helps. Good luck on your project!

  5. Ursula says:

    I have informed by chalk paint websites that isn’t needed lightly sand the surface. In contrary you suggest so for cleaning. Can you please make me clear what to do for refreshing my bedroom’s furniture

    Thanks in advance

  6. bon chauvin says:

    I absolutely love love love your tutorials and think I can learn from you. I would love to subscribe to your website. I feel a bit intimidated by it all, but I think I will get my toes wet first with the minwax wood finish stain. I have a chair that I painted cottage pink….and it has a lot of indented detail…what color minwax stain should I use? Thanks Bon

  7. Deana says:

    Hi Bon, I love dark walnut. It is my favorite color. I think it just adds a nice warm tone to painted furniture. Go for it! Good luck :-)

  8. Deana says:

    Hi Ursula, I don’t use chalk paints, but I have heard the same thing about not needing to sand before using it. I’m using acrylic paints. In order to get a long lasting, quality finish it is necessary to start with a clean, sanded surface. Cleaning and sanding insures that the paint will adhere well. Chalk paints are designed to look distressed. I think that is why you don’t need to sand them because if the paint doesn’t stick it is part of the desired look.

  9. Colleen Rinder says:

    I love your website, I own a used furniture store in Florida, I always wanted to spray paint furniture, do you recommend a sprayer. Little confused about the paint, do you use and oil based paint ever or is it not necessary? Thank you.

  10. Deana says:

    I love using a spray gun and it makes for a really smooth, beautiful finish. I almost exclusively use water based paints. If you choose a professional paint, like Sherwin Williams, in a gloss finish, water based paints are very durable. Oil is not necessary.

  11. vicki dorion says:

    Hello-on youtube you demonstrated a crackle finish. You said to go to this website to find the steps you performed prior to putting on the SW Crackle product. Could you please explain those steps and exact products to use? Thanks so much-love your video!

  12. vicki dorion says:

    Hello there-I sent a note to you but wanted to be sure I asked the right ?. First, what type/brand of primer did you use for that crackle video. Also what type of paint for the top coat,ie. satin, flat, semi-gloss, etc? We need to know steps and exact products. We are not adding the gold but just want to have small cracks ie shabby white furniture with little bits of crackle all through piece. Sure appreciate your videos!

  13. Deana says:

    Vicki, I wrote an article that is very detailed about the steps I took to paint this piece. It was one of the posts I lost when my website crashed, but I found it here
    Unfortunately it was so long ago that I don’t remember what paint I used. When using a stain it is best to use something with a little sheen to it.

  14. Radek says:

    Hi .
    please can you tell me what paint is best for spraying kitchen cupboards and bedroom furniture?
    Primer,base coat,clear lacquer,matt finish ,half matt,and glossy finish.
    thank you

  15. Lana Brown says:

    Where are you located? I would love to have you paint a dresser, but we live in San Diego, so that is probably a problem.

    It is about the size of the gold dresser on your website. How much would it cost to paint a dresser that size? We are thinking black or black laquer.



  16. sarah says:

    about how much does the husky HVLP cost?

  17. Deana says:

    Hi Sarah, it runs about $50

  18. Deana says:

    Hi Lana, we are located very close to the 5 freeway in Santa Ana. I’m not sure which dresser you are referring to. If you would like to email me a picture and the dimensions I can give you a quote.

  19. Deana says:

    Hi Radek, It really depends on the type of wood you are painting. I would definitely choose a glossy finish for kitchen cabinets though. Gloss finishes are meant to be scrubbed and are the most durable. Furniture can be done in satin, gloss or high gloss. Just depends on your style. I wouldn’t recommend flat because it doesn’t wash or wear well and it tends to show dirt and hand prints easily. The most important thing is to clean the surface super well, sand it and use high quality products. I prefer Sherwin Williams paints.

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