This oak table was in really bad condition. The top was beat up! I’m not really into refinishing furniture, instead I love to embrace it’s flaws or disguise them in clever ways (so much easier than the pain staking work involved in restoring abused wood to it’s previously beautiful state). This table was painted, distressed, stained, and then the top was covered in pages from an antique hymn book.

I often forget to take before pictures; I get so caught up in the excitement! Here is what the table looked like after a coat of primer.


This table got two coats of primer and two coats of Swiss Coffee in a satin finish. After all that paint dried a little bit of bleeding was still showing through, no worries though, the stain I had planned to add latter would definitely hide that. I used a 10o grit sandpaper to sand all of the edges of this table. Then I rubbed Watco Danish Oil in a dark walnut finish all over it. I used a small paint brush to push the stain into some of the recessed areas. I left it on pretty thick, so it took several days to dry.


The final step was to cover the top in old pages from a book of hymns. My mom whipped up a concoction of regular old wood glue and water, about equal parts, and used that to hold the old pages down. She spread a thin layer of the watered down glue on the table top, laid down pages one at a time, and then applied another thin layer on top of the pages.


Here is what the table looks like now. I think we’ll add a piece of glass to it just to protect the top, but I love the way it looks!



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