A few weeks ago the sweetest lady contacted my mom and I through our Etsy store. She happened to live in Long Beach, so she was local, and she requested that we come to her home to help her with some new slipcovers. She sent me pictures of her current slipcovers and explained that she was desperate! When I took a look at her photo and read her comments I had a little chuckle. Below is what the original slipcover looked like.

slipcover before

She also sent me pictures of the most adorable slipcover as inspiration. As soon as I saw the inspiration photo I was super excited to work on this job and I knew my mom would be beside herself. The slipcover was covered in ruffles and bows, two of my moms most favorite things. Here’s the inspiration photo she sent me.

slipcover inspiration

So, a few weeks ago we drove to her quaint and charming home in Downtown Long Beach to pick up the existing slipcovers, which we used as a pattern, and to discuss with our client the details of her order. She had already purchased and pre-washed four drop cloths, which she picked up at Lowes. We left there with a pile of drop cloths and a ton of excitement.

We spent the next few weeks sewing and having a blast creating big bows and fluffy ruffles. My mom has a tenancy to go a little ruffle crazy, so I had to keep her under control at times, but I think the slipcovers and pillows turned out absolutely adorable and have just the right amount of girly flair.

drop cloth bows

This afternoon we drove back to Long Beach to deliver the finished slipcovers to our client and she raved about our work the whole time we were there. I have to say it put a huge smile on my face and I know my mom was thrilled. We don’t always get to meet our clients and we rarely get to see our work in their homes, but it is awesome when we get the chance to do so. We love what we do! My mom and I get to be super creative, doing exactly what we love, and we get to bring joy and beauty into the lives of super appreciative, kind people. It doesn’t get any better than that! Today was a good day.

drop cloth slipcover

drop cloth ottoman

drop cloth sofa cover

drop cloth sofa


4 Responses to Drop cloth slipcovers

  1. Sunnie phelps. says:

    I have a wing back chair that I would. Love to have a slip cover made. Can you give me a estimate. Everything is darling. TH

  2. Deana says:

    Hi Sunnie, sorry for the delay I have been neglecting my blog lately and I just know spotted this comment. Would you please send me an email with a photo of the chair along with the dimensions? Also, do you want a pleated skirt or a full ruffle skirt like the one photographed here? deana@alchemyfineliving.com

  3. Brigitte Buehler says:

    I love the idea of using drop clothes. I think a minimalist project without the ruffles would look awesome especially in a loft or with modern decor.

  4. Deana says:

    Hi Brigitte, I think that would look good too. Drop cloths can be really versatile.