I recently had the pleasure of designing and creating a custom cushion for this little vanity chair. It was a bit of a challenge because of the shape of the chair, but it was so much fun to do. I love the gorgeous fabric that was chosen by my client. I picked out a gross grain ribbon that coordinated with the fabric and used it as the ties on all four corners. I love the little bit of whimsy the full bows make at each corner.

Once I finished sewing the cushion I filled it with a down feather insert. It wanted to fold and crease in order to follow the curvature of the chair. Not a good look. (that’s where the challenge came in) How to make this look good?? I’ll add buttons! Then the tufting will make the folds look intentional, give the cushion a bit of style, and add some shape to it. So I created ten covered buttons and got to work. I’ll have to admit I was pretty excited when I finished it and even more excited when my client came to pick it up. She loved it, which totally made my day.





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