We’ve recently been making a ton of slipcovers for out of town clients. It never occurred to us until recently that this is something that could be done.

In order to work with a client who is out of town we do need an existing slipcover to use as a pattern. The client simply mails us their existing cover, we tear it apart, use it to cut out a new slipcover and approximately three weeks later we mail back a brand new slipcover.

Of course, we still love working with local clients that we can meet in person. It is always so great delivering a finished slipcover to someones home and seeing our finished work on their furniture.

These wingback chairs are one of our most recent projects. They have contrasting white piping, and an adorable closure on the back made of three large, white covered buttons. I love the short, ruffly skirt that adds a bit of casual whimsy to these stylish slipcovers.




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