My mom and I just recently painted this gorgeous dresser for a client of ours. She chose a color called Cherry Tomato by Sherwin Williams. It is a vibrant, bright red. After painting the dresser we glazed it using transparent glaze that we purchased at Lowes. We mixed a small amount of black paint with the clear, gel like product and used a brush to cover the piece of furniture with a thin layer of the mixture. Using a slightly damp cloth we wiped off the glaze in some areas where it got kind of heavy. We left it intentionally heavy in some of the recessed areas to draw attention to the details.

In the photograph below the top of the piece has already been glazed, while the bottom has not. You can see the difference in color. The glaze toned down the bright red a bit and added some contrast.


I love the way this dresser turned out! I can’t wait for our client to pick it up. I’m sure she is going to love it too!





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