Painting wicker requires a few different steps than painting wood or previously painted surfaces, but most of the work is the same. When painting furniture I normally wash down finished surfaces with TSP and then sand them thoroughly before priming and painting. I’ve talked all about the exact steps and necessary products and tools required for painting furniture inTHIS ARTICLE, so I won’t go into all that detail again.  Wicker is different though, so here is what I did:

1. I used the brush attachment on my vacuum and cleaned off the dust and cobwebs.

2. Then I took it in the backyard and hosed it down with a spray nozzle. (It was 90 degrees that day, so I wasn’t worried about it taking to long to dry)

3. Using a large, soft bristle brush soaked in Simple Green I then scrubbed the entire bassinet to remove grease and grim from all those years of use and then subsequent storage in the garage.

4. I hosed it off one last time and waited for the wicker to thoroughly dry.

5. Then I used a spray gun to prime the bassinet. It required two coats of primer. I painted the first coat with the bassinet upside down and the second coat with it right side up. I used Harmony primer from Sherwin Williams. If your are interested in learning about this no VOC product and why I chose it find out HERE.

6. Finally I painted with Harmony interior acrylic latex. I chose the color Extra White. Again, this is a Sherwin Williams product and it is recommend for children’s rooms. This ARTICLE explains why.

This bassinet was the one that I slept in when I was a baby. I can’t believe it is in this good of condition after all these years!







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